Wow! $900 in Noah’s Ark Fund


We’ve reached $900 in our Noah’s Ark Fund!  At $1000.00 we will reach our first milestone to receive a check from the matching donor.  That means your donations of $1000 will become $2000.  $2000 is a lot of money for a small rescue like ours.  Heck, in the early days it was a full years budget of food and medical supplies.  Today we can use $2,000 in a lot of different ways.  It can provide 20 overnight critical care days for cats that are on the brink and need around the clock medical care.  It can pay for 3 Stenotic Nares surgeries to allow a kitty to breath.  It can cover 2 major dental surgeries for cats like George who required all his teeth removed due to disease.  The money can also sustain a kitty on early stages of kidney failure that still has a lot of love to give.  Just one more $100 donation and we reach our second plank on the Ark.  Can you help?