About Us

Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue was founded in 2004 with the goal of rescuing purebred Persian and Himalayan cats from shelters. Many people do not realize that Persians are the number one breed turned into shelters in the United States.

Persians also tend to do very poorly in the shelter environment compared to other breeds, and often face euthanasia and or are not placed up for adoption because they become sick (their flat faces cause them to catch upper respiratory viruses much more easily than cats with longer noses). For these reasons, many public shelters seek to transfer Persians to rescue. We strive to rescue every adoptable (and many unadoptable) Persian from the shelters we work with in the Northwest, and also do our best to assist owners that need to rehome cats. When we have the space and funds, we extend our care to other breeds of cats as well as mixes and domestic cats.

SPHR is run by a small group of volunteers that devote an enormous amount of time, care, and energy to saving these wonderful creatures. We operate solely on donations, and thus have a very tight budget. Despite this, we are able to provide excellent veterinary care to all our cats in need with the help of Dr. Hanna Ekstrom and her staff at At Home Vet in Woodinville. With her help, we are able to treat virtually every cat that needs our care.

Our Leaders

Adrienne Berg
Adrienne BergPresident & Founder
Alex Perry
Alex PerryVice President
Mary Ann Owsley
Mary Ann OwsleyTreasurer


Cheryl Martin
Cheryl MartinBoard Member
R.J. LaCount & Brimley
R.J. LaCount & BrimleyCTO


Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue focuses on Persians not only because they need us, but also because they are highly adoptable due to their popularity. By focusing on highly adoptable cats, we are able to achieve a very high number of adoptions per year, and thus are able to save the most cats with the few resources we have available.

More Information

Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation.

For purposes of the Internal Revenue Service requirements our tax id number is: 27-0766403

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Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue relies on our network of foster parents, volunteers, and friends. Please stay in touch with us through your favorite social network.