Noah’s Ark is under way!

arkOur Treasurer reports that we have reached our first milestone in fundraising for Noah’s Ark.  As of today we have raised over $500 which really means we have $1000 due to matching funds!  How amazing is that!  Here is a list of donors who have helped us so far.  Our Treasurer is busy getting out donation receipt letters – via email when possible and mailed when no email address is available.

List of Donors to Noah’s Ark

Elizabeth Vandyke
Kendall Mulligan
Judy McMillan
Melissa Nowak
Judith Larmore
Brian Barker
Kristin Gladfelter
Sheila Brush
Liz Axford
Kai Kubota
Star Head Boy
Average Joe Cat Show

Thank you all so much for your support and getting Noah’s Ark off the ground!