IMG_1493Season’s Greetings to all at the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue,

We would love to tell you about our wonderful friend Smokey we adopted just a day or so over a year ago from you. He is just the greatest cat anyone could ever have. He is definitely not a lap kitty, but he understands that we are going to love on him whether he likes it or not, and he is good with that. He gets brushed every day which he dearly loves, which is fortunate. This time of year is not such a problem, but spring and summer we say “he doesn’t shed, you have to shed him.” Since we live on a boat, that is what we do instead of mow a lawn. A fair trade we think.

IMG_3171He is not exactly high energy. A laser pointer is his favorite toy, because there is no real obligation to actually chase it. He is just as happy chasing it with his eyes on the ceiling as the floor. Bugs are not safe around Smokey, however.  We have no idea how he is able to catch them, because he moves like a sloth, but he does. He loves company. Anybody or anything new is fun for him. His previous owner must have had a door bell, because if a doorbell rings on TV, he goes to the door.

Pretty much all he eats is treats. He has a full dispensing bowl of food to eat from whenever he wants, but he would rather have treats. His treats are just regular food, but it tastes so much better out of that special little treat bag. The treat bag sits there wide open at all times, but he never tips it over and gets his own. Water is much the same. He has a huge water dispenser, but he would rather drink out of a faucet, or one of the two or three water bowls that are around here and there just for him.

He is amazing. Tell him once not to eat the plants and he pretty much never touches them again. He clawed one of the dining room chairs till I propped them up on cans so they would fall over if he tried to scratch them, He only had to knock over a chair or two before he found something more stable to scratch. He can scratch the heavy wall to wall carpet so hard he can lift it up two or three inches, while giving you a devilish look like he is being really being bad.

IMG_2808It is really amazing that even after a year, you can still see subtle changes in his behavour as he continues to learn to take advantage of all the things that life has to offer. We couldn’t imagine life without him. We do encourage any of you to visit, if you would like to see that life aboard for a cat, or people for that matter is a pretty great life.

Happy New Year,
Charlie,Terry and Smokey Life