Noah’s Ark Fund

Here is our anonymous donors story and our proposal for SP&HR:

My dad’s name was Noah.  He had an amazing love for animals.  When I was a child in the 1950s, he took in and rescued any animal that needed care or needed a home.  Not a foster home.  A permanent home.  He never ever turned any animal away.  We didn’t have much, but daddy always found a way to feed his animals.  Mostly kitties.  I learned care and compassion for animals from him.  He always told me that it was really hard to like anyone who didn’t love animals.  I still agree with that.  Daddy died 27 years ago, and the greatest gift he left me was his love for animals.  I now have my five Persian cats, three of which are special needs.  A lot of work goes into them, and they are worth every bit of it.

My husband and I would like to propose the following:  We would like to set up a fund in honor and memory of my dad and call it Noah’s Ark.  Somehow that seems appropriate for a lot of reasons.  For calendar year 2013, my husband and I will match any funds you raise, up to $5,000.  That is potentially $10,000.  I believe that will help some needy kitties.

It would mean a lot to me to set up Noah’s Ark in memory of my dad.  Thank you for everything you do.
SPHR has established a Noah’s Ark Fund – Let’s make it happen and raise $10,000 for needy kitties!  Designate the fund as receipient of your tax deductible donation!

Checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 45102
Seattle, WA  98145