Noah’s Ark Fund Reaches $3,757.22!

Only 3 more planks to go before we reach our goal of $5000.  Thanks to a very generous donor your money will be doubled.  Right now that means our efforts in raising $3500 has resulted in a donation of $7000 to the rescue.  If you are a Washington State employee you can find us listed in the Washington State Combined Fund Drive – you can have monthly donations deducted from your paycheck before taxes!


List of Donors to Noah’s Ark
Elizabeth Vandyke
Kendall Mulligan
Judy McMillan
Melissa Nowak
Judith Larmore
Brian Barker
Kristin Gladfelter
Sheila Brush
Liz Axford
Kai Kubota
Star Head Boy
Average Joe Cat Show
Alice Reed
Laura Buehler
Patricia Barrier
Jean Kenyon
Rhonda Jones
Lisa Buchheit-Ekdahl
Victoria & Roland
Naomi Umino
Dina Gordon
Kai Kubota
Teri Platt
Veronica Voutila
In Memory of Macy (Carrie Blair)