If you would've asked me a year ago what my life would have been like today, I wouldn't have guessed in a million years it would be what Brimley has transformed it into.

Congratulations Seattle Seahawks!

Meowshawn Lynch celebrates the Seahawks first Superbowl Championship and the first Championship for the city of Seattle since the 1979 Super Sonics Basketball team!


We would love to tell you about our wonderful friend Smokey we adopted just a day or so over a year ago from you.


Just a quick update to let you know how Bruno is doing. We adopted Bruno last year, from SPHR. He has adjusted magnificently to our crazy family.

Toby & Bella

I wanted to share with you another success story for 2013. Earlier this year I introduced Toby, a Maine Coon cat I adopted from you, to Bella (formerly named Loretta), a Persian cat I adopted from you in 2012.


I adopted Malcolm (right) from SPHR in June 2013. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. He loves his new sister, Jasmine.

Lola’s Story

For small rescues like ours taking on a cat like Lola can be a difficult decision to make. We had no idea what we were dealing with and her medical bills could quickly add up.


You did it! We built the Ark and reached our goal of $5,000 which has been matched by a very generous donor resulting in $10,000 in private donations to the organization.

Noah’s Ark is almost there! $4942.22

Noah's Ark is almost there! $4942.22 Only 1 more planks to go before we reach our goal of $5000.

Noah’s Ark Fund Reaches $3,757.22!

Only 3 more planks to go before we reach our goal of $5000.

Colonel Meow (Janus)

Even famous celebrities need a little help along the road to fame.

Noah’s Ark Fund Reaches $3500!

With our latest donation we have added yet another plank to our Ark. Only 3 more planks to go before we reach our goal of $5000.

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