Lola’s Story

lola-oldThis is Lola back in October. Her owner tried to surrender her to a local no kill shelter in Oregon, but they were maxed out with a long list of kitties waiting to come in. She was in really bad shape with matted fur, ulcerated eye, and very thin (had not been eating in days) The Shelter reached out to us with an SOS – could we possibly help this poor girl?

Lola was 5 years old and unaltered. She had no vet history or vaccinations. Her eyes were weeping and her nose running. She was drinking lots of water. In addition to the mats she was very dirty and flea infested… But she was very, very sweet.

For small rescues like ours taking on a cat like Lola can be a difficult decision to make. We had no idea what we were dealing with and her medical bills could quickly add up. A year ago they could have bankrupted us. But turning away this girl was not an option thanks to the Noah’s Ark Fund and the generosity of our friends. Our immediate reply was, “yes – we’ll take her”. Sight unseen and over 200 miles away, Lola was going to get the help she needed.

lola3The first hero was Janet – foster mom to the rescue. Janet took Lola in and got her cleaned up. Janet looked after Lola and made countless trips to the vet for her treatments. Antibiotic shots, vaccinations, eye drops, matting clipped off, she was on the road to recovery. First steps were eating, drinking, and finding a sunny window to lay out in. Her eye was slowly healing and she was putting on weight. Lots of blood draws were done to make sure this girl had nothing unseen going on with her.

lola4With blood work looking good and sores on her skin from the matting healing up Lola was turning the corner. Next up was an assessment of her breathing – Lola had a really hard time breathing due to her itty bitty nose. Like quite a few Persians we see she was going to need stenotic nares surgery. The surgery opens up the nasal passages of the cat so they can breathe easier. It’s terrible what over breeding has done to some of these poor creatures.

Here a few pics of Lola with her foster family – giving her a hug the day of her surgery!

lola5 lola6

Just a few days ago we received the following picture and a note from her foster mom Janet who is now the proud adopted owner of this little doll.


Here is Lola a couple weeks ago after surgery! She makes wearing a sock look high fashion! It kept her warm after her lion cut and kept her from getting to her stit-ches from being spayed. She breathes much better after her nose surgery. She had such a hard time with every breath. Now she can also eat easier because she isn’t struggling to breathe! It is amazing how much the surgery has helped her… thanks so much! -Janet

Thank you – Noah’s daughter and all the people who donated to the fund in her fathers name. Thanks to your generosity Lola is thriving.