GuyMy boyfriend, Jermaine, and I adopted Guy (formerly Sky) right before Christmas 2012. Since adopting him he has really become a part of our family, firmly entrenching himself into our lives and our dresser drawers. His full name is now, Dr. Guy Secretan, but we usually call him “Baby Kitty.” He’s also often expected to respond to Baby Seal and Kit-Kat. His greatest loves are pink, furry cat toys, and a rainbow-striped yarn blanket my grandma crocheted for me. He loves to voraciously chew both items, saving us from these evil beasts attempting to infiltrate our home. He also enjoys attacking our feet under the covers of the bed, playing on the carpet in the dining room (an area we now refer to as the “kill-zone”), and sleeping on the couch pillows and any open laptops. He’s a little talker and demands to be held and petted every morning as I get ready for work. It’s like he knows I’m leaving for the day and wants to get in cuddles before I go. He also follows us up and down the hall, wherever we are that’s where he wants to hang out. He’s such a sweetheart (and quite frankly kind of a jerk sometimes- I mean my grandma made me that blanket he’s chewing on), I’m so glad we found each other.

Thank you for helping us find him.

~Heidi and Jermaine