Colonel Meow (Janus)

JanusEven famous celebrities need a little help along the road to fame. To the right is a picture of Janus – now known as Colonel Meow. This is his shelter pic from the day Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue rescued him. Unwanted at the time – He was in terrible shape with a really bad URI, eye infection, and he had stopped eating to boot. Ann Shurman fostered him and when he was well enough he was neutered and on to PETCO to meet the public. No longer “unwanted” Janus had a long list of suitors and we all know how the story ends. Getting the Colonel back in shape was not without its costs (time, eye specialist, vet bills, special food, transport, etc). You can help by sharing, volunteering, fostering, or donating money. See our website and Facebook page for more info.#spreadthefrown