IMG01Just a quick update to let you know how Bruno is doing. We adopted Bruno last year, from SPHR. He has adjusted magnificently to our crazy family. When we first brought him home he was afraid of everything . My kids, Bob the Pug. He didn’t really purr and we weren’t even sure he could meow! Now he is quite the talker. He constantly approaches the kids to be petted and will talk to anyone that will listen.

IMG02Bob our not-very-bright-but-so-bloody-cute-Pug LOVES Bruno, and Bruno just goes along with whatever Bob has in mind (run around the house at 3am just because). You can pretty much do whatever you want to Bruno and he tolerates it (ie: roll him on his back and he lays there like he is supposed to stay). He thinks he is a dog and will scrounge under the table for scraps when we are eating.

He is topping the scales at 18 pounds, and has picked up the nickname of Mr . FattyPants. He doesn’t mind :) He really is the coolest cat around. So beautiful, so laid back, such a great little addition to our family. Thanks again for all of the great work your organization does with the greatest breed of cat around!