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 . Jack and Maci .
 . Jack and Maci .  . Jack and Maci .  . Jack and Maci .  . Jack and Maci .  . Jack and Maci .  . Jack and Maci .
Meet one year olds this month sweet and adorable, BONDED siblings, Jack and Maci! Jack is an adorable orange Maine Coon Mix with long hair that does need constant grooming. Maci, is a mischievous dilute Torbie short hair Manx Mix with a stubby tail. Jack is fascinated by the laser pointer and will literally spin circles around the floor while Maci is content in the window watching her crazy brother. Both are highly social, they will follow you all over the house. Both are child friendly. This pawsome duo love to play, play and play! They are very outgoing and fearless. They are bound to bring hours of love, fun and many memories to a lucky family! Jack and Maci are both neutered/spayed, FVRCP vaccinated and microchipped. Both have been de-wormed and flea treated. Jack and Maci recently came back to our rescue due an illness in the family. Unfortunately they were infested with fleas which they are very allergic too but they have been treated and are recovering nicely. We recommend they remain on regular flea treatment. If you are interested in adopting this fun duo please write or apply at Disregard Purebred questions. Adoption Application and Contract Required Adoption fee is $200.00 Their Foster Family is located in the Kent/Covington area.
Young, Male, Large
 . Hobbes .
 . Hobbes .  . Hobbes .  . Hobbes .  . Hobbes .  . Hobbes .
Meet 11-year old Hobbes, the feline namesake of famed political philosopher Thomas Hobbes. A philosopher-cat, he makes the ideal mellow sofa buddy – a perfect blend of contemplative calm and affectionate charm to up your “Netflix and chill” game. Favorite pastimes include: 1. Pets, snuggles, and kisses from his human 2. Eating 3. Playfully head-butting his human 4. Naps 5. Plotting to manipulate the human into giving him more food 6. More naps 7. More eating 8. Nighttime zoomies 9. Naps and food together – if only! He has struggled to finish his latest “cat-uscript” due to this packed daily schedule. Hobbes philosophical views on the “feline condition” come from his time on the rough streets of Eastern Washington. Despite being rescued from death’s door, starving, with a severe upper respiratory infection, matted fur, and a mouthful of rotten teeth (all later pulled), Hobbes didn’t let this dark period in his life define him – instead, he prefers to see himself as a sophisticated house cat, worthy of a plush sofa and fancy treats, and lots of snuggles. The best home for Hobbes is anywhere that appreciates a loyal couch companion. He’s great with other cats, good for homes with older kids, and we think he’d do just fine with a cat-respectful dog (although he hasn’t been dog-tested yet). His dream human would be able to translate his “feline intellectual musings,” so he can finally get his “cat-uscript” published – but he’s also realistic and will settle for a loving soul that knows “meow” means “feed me human.” Due to his days on the streets, he needs a little extra care. Hobbes’ has a chronic stuffy nose with some wheezing, so we give him a lysine product called Imuquin to help boost his immune system. Imuquin is a powder that can be mixed into his wet food every morning. It must be purchased from a vet and runs around $30/month. In addition, since all his teeth were pulled, Hobbs gets wet food only. Hobbes is neutered, FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped has been de-wormed and flea treated. His fur is growing out from a lion cut and will require brushing. Adoption fee is $75. You can inquire about Hobbes at or apply for him at Disregard the Purebred questions. Hobbs is being fostered near Maple Valley, WA. Given instructions from state/local officials during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we can do meet and greets via video-call and we can also do in person, while maintaining proper social distance practices. Should you choose to adopt, we can also find safe ways for a “hand-off.” Disclaimer: The views of Thomas Hobbes, philosopher, do not necessarily reflect the views of Hobbes, Cat Philosopher. Hobbes has his own political theories that he hopes to one day share with his forever human.
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Duchess .
 . Duchess .  . Duchess .  . Duchess .
We would like to introduce you to our little diva, Duchess. Duchess is a cream & white Doll Faced Persian who is 11 years young. Duchess is a very particular lady who loves looking gorgeous, napping on her cardboard floor scratcher and of course she knows how to use it as it was meant to be used. She is litter box savvy & has a fondness for her morning T.R.E.A.T.S! Diva Duchess is very calm, sweet and a bit aloof. She insists on being the one to instigate any love and attention. Duchess MUST be your one and only. She has spent her entire life with her brother, Barron, and BULLIED him Duchess needs to be in a quiet home with adults. She will NOT do well young kiddos unless they are 10yrs and up. The children must be well versed on how to handle, treat and respect a kitty. We do not know how she would be with a dog. Duchess is Spayed, FIV/FELV Negative, FVRCP & Rabies vaccinated and Microchipped. Her adoption fee is $175.00. Please write to or go to
Adult, Female, Medium
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