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 . Tonks .
 . Tonks .  . Tonks .  . Tonks .
Tonks just finished being a mom for the last time. This one year old beauty wants to be your one and only kitty! She is sweet, playful, affectionate and curious. Tonks wants a turn to be more the kitten she is now and given a chance to love her people. Tonks is spayed, FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped and FIV/FELV negative. Her adoption fee is $75.00 Write to or apply at (disregard the Purebred questions.) Foster home located near Maple Valley.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Duchess .
 . Duchess .  . Duchess .  . Duchess .
We would like to introduce you to our little diva, Duchess. Duchess is a cream & white Doll Faced Persian who is 11 years young. Duchess is a very particular lady who loves looking gorgeous, napping on her cardboard floor scratcher and of course she knows how to use it as it was meant to be used. She is litter box savvy & has a fondness for her morning T.R.E.A.T.S! Diva Duchess is very calm, sweet and a bit aloof. She insists on being the one to instigate any love and attention. Duchess MUST be your one and only. She has spent her entire life with her brother, Barron, and BULLIED him Duchess needs to be in a quiet home with adults. She will NOT do well young kiddos unless they are 10yrs and up. The children must be well versed on how to handle, treat and respect a kitty. We do not know how she would be with a dog. Duchess is Spayed, FIV/FELV Negative, FVRCP & Rabies vaccinated and Microchipped. Her adoption fee is $175.00. Please write to or go to
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Charlie .
 . Charlie .  . Charlie .  . Charlie .
Pulled from Euthanasia in a California shelter in the nick of time Charlie is ready for adoption. This approximately 14 week old boy is a social little guy that gets along with anybody. He doesn't like to be picked up and held as he'd rather be down to run and play. He's kind of a klepto so expect pens and bracelets to disappear. Boxes and bags are fun along with toys on sticks and ball chasers. But when he's worn himself out, he crashes. He likes to sleep in a lap or on a chest or just in a cat bed near you. Charlie tends to sneeze often so we mix a lysine powder in his wet food every day to boost his immune system. Charlie is neutered, FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped, FIV/FELV negative, de-wormed and flea treated. Adoption fee $125.00 Please write to or go to to apply for Charlie. (Disregard Purebred questions)
Baby, Male, Medium
 . Sasha Fierce .
 . Sasha Fierce .  . Sasha Fierce .  . Sasha Fierce .  . Sasha Fierce .  . Sasha Fierce .  . Sasha Fierce .
SASHA FIERCE Diva. Master of the "pet me" head butt. Leg velcro. Confident explorer. Adoring companion. Independent lady. Spicy mama. Urban panther. Sasha Fierce is a young mama cat, around 1 years old, who loves pets and lots of attention! Named after Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce is a confident diva kitty with plenty of CATitude. Rescued with her babies off the euthanasia list in California in the nick of time, Sasha Fierce has made sure her babies (and her adopted babies) are ready for adoption and now is ready to find a permanent territory of her own - one that will satisfy her love of pets! The perfect home for Sasha Fierce is anywhere she will get lots of love and attention. Since she's still a young cat she'll need plenty of playtime including outlets for her strong prey drive (feather toys etc), so plan to "exercise her" every day. Her ideal place would have some good "cat tv" i.e. a big window where she can watch birds and other outdoor creatures. She's done very well with older kittens in foster, and we did a short "cat" test with friendly felines, so we think she'll do fine with other cats with a slow introduction. We wouldn't recommend Sasha Fierce for a small studio apartment if you have a resident cat, as we think they'll need to carve out their own space. If you are looking for a feline partner for Sasha Fierce, she's taken to a 4-month old black kitten (not hers) in foster with her (also pictured). They would love to be homed together! For the safety of your canines, Sasha fierce should not be housed with dogs, as your dogs will be prey for her panther instincts. Sasha Fierce is fostered in downtown Seattle. Spayed. FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped and FIV/FELV Negative, De-wormed and Flea-treated. Adoption fee of $75 Write to or apply at (disregard the Purebred questions)
Young, Female, Medium
 . Bubba and Pan .
 . Bubba and Pan .  . Bubba and Pan .  . Bubba and Pan .  . Bubba and Pan .  . Bubba and Pan .
Pan and Bubba are 8-year-old bonded brothers from Kauai whose owner passed away unexpectedly. These handsome orange boys love to play, delight in catnip and purr when receiving attention and pets. Pan and Bubba are very timid, especially Pan, but are big loves once they get to know their surroundings and you. They just need a little time and they are well worth it! . They are both front declawed and need to be the only cats in the home. You can tell them apart because Bubba has a white spot on his nose. Take a chance on these sweet brothers! They are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Adoption fee for the pair is $50.00 please write if you are interested or apply at
Adult, Male, Large
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