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 . Sasha & Boggie .
 . Sasha & Boggie .  . Sasha & Boggie .  . Sasha & Boggie .  . Sasha & Boggie .
Sasha is a female Himalayan and Boggie is a male Flame Point Exotic Shorthair. Don't let these beautiful faces fool you! With such good looks, you might think these cats are stuck up. Not true! These kitties are so sweet and affectionate. They start purring with the slightest cheek scratch. Ready to greet you and say hello as soon as you enter the room. Mature and calm, but still playful and ready to pounce a toy. They are 10 year old bonded pair. Adoption fee is $300.00 Both are spayed/neutered, FVRCP Vaccinated, Rabies Vaccinated, recently groomed and microchipped. Write to or apply at
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Jade & Jayden .
 . Jade & Jayden .  . Jade & Jayden .  . Jade & Jayden .  . Jade & Jayden .
7-month-old bonded “ghost, smoke tabby” siblings from California. She’s all sass and he’s “Netflix and chill.” Jade enjoys a good feather toy and some excitement and Jayden would like a calm lap. Their future home must devote time to keep them entertained and extra safe as they are still crazy kittens! They were previously fostered with other cats, so they can move in with another feline(Although proper introduction should be done). We don’t know how they will do with dogs, but generally kittens can adapt to a cat-friendly and non-rambunctious dog who respects their space, if introduced properly. The best home for these two does not have really young children. Spayed/Neutered FVRCP & Rabies Vaccinated, Microchipped and FIV/FELV Negative, De-wormed and Flea-treated. Adoption fee is $200. Write to or apply at
Baby, Female, Medium
 . Ellaria and Cersei .
 . Ellaria and Cersei .  . Ellaria and Cersei .  . Ellaria and Cersei .  . Ellaria and Cersei .
Cersei and Ellaria are 4-month old sisters who survived the streets of Southern California and made their way to Downtown Seattle to find a better life. Named after Game of Thrones characters, they are beautiful, mischievous, and entertaining...and they are survivors. You'll find they are great for a snuggle, and also endless evening entertainment. Ellaria is a little more confident with humans and canines, but since they are kittens, they develop more confidence every day and want to be in the middle of what's going on. They must be adopted together as Ellaria will help Cersei see the good in humans. The two girls came from a TNR effort in SoCAL on November 3rd. SPHR brought them to Seattle with their brother for a better chance of adoption (he has been adopted). Ellaria - Solicitor of the "awww." Playful and curious. Creator of new toys. Great for a cuddle. Confident explorer and will help her sister get to know humans. Dog-friendly. Her foster mom says she is the most natural snuggler of the two and fits nicely into a vest or jacket for a cuddle. Cersei - Consummate climber. Shy with a touch of sass. Cat meme in training. Fiercely protective of her "empire." Creatively inquisitive. Finder of new hiding spots. Dog-friendly. Her foster mom imagines Cersei is often plotting something sneaky, but at the same time she'll settle into a cozy snuggle if you scoop her up during nap time. Because Ellaria and Cersei were feral up until early November, the best home option for both is to be together in a quieter home with no young children (if any), at least for the first year or so. They'd love a nice cat tree by the window and would be open to another friendly cat, but might be more accepted by a calm and friendly dog. They do very well with their foster mom's pup and like to see what she's up to. While they'll both settle into a good snuggle with you if you scoop them up, they'll need a home where they can be indoor kitties and their new parents will take the time to socialize them and help them grow into confident cats! Spayed. FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped and FIV/FELV Negative, De-wormed and Flea-treated. Adoption fee of $200 for both. Write to or apply at
Baby, Female, Small
 . Archie .
 . Archie .  . Archie .  . Archie .  . Archie .
Six year old Archie is available for adoption! This kitty is the sweetest! Good in a home with children and cat friendly dogs. Needs to be the only cat. He loves to play with feather toys and he really likes his food. This boy is a total love! Adoption fee is $250.00 Neutered, FVRCP Vaccinated, Microchipped, de-wormed and flea treated. FIV/FELV negative. Write to if interested in Archie or apply at
Adult, Male, Large
 . Kiki .
 . Kiki .  . Kiki .  . Kiki .  . Kiki .
Kiki is 3.5 y/o spayed female seal bi-color pure bred Ragdoll and has been with us since she was a kitten. She is healthy and up-to-date on all her shots. She will periodically need her anal glands expressed by a vet tech. Currently she has a lion cut but when her fur grows out, she has beautiful long silky fur with a white mane that doesn’t get matted. Kiki currently lives with 4 older cats which has caused her anxiety and led to her periodically poop outside the litter box. Both our groomer and vet indicated Kiki wants to be an only cat. The litter box issue is her way of communicating she is unhappy in her current environment. Kiki wants her own person who will shower her with love instead of competing with the other pets. Due to the anxiety of being in a multi-pet home, Kiki is on Prozac to help calm her anxiety. She is very easy to take care of. Everyday I put Prozac in a Greenie pill pocket and she gobbles it up along with her other treats. Aside from the few litter box incidents, she is very well behaved. She only uses the scratching posts and pads and and doesn’t squirm too much when I trim her nails. She eats her kibbles (Nulo), canned food, and her treats. She does not beg for people food. She is still playful when she doesn’t have to interact with other pets. Once she is comfortable & safe in her new home, she will wait for you at the door and follow you around. Currently she isn’t a lap kitty but she wants to be near you and sleep near your feet. Kiki is very smart, sweet but timid and wishes to find a permanent clean, quiet, loving home with no other pets nor small children. Kiki needs to be loved and not left alone for long periods. Since she is a Ragdoll, she must stay inside. Please e-mail with inquiries. Home check required. Located in Seattle.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Pishi .
 . Pishi .  . Pishi .  . Pishi .
Pishi is a purbred Persian who came to us after his owner had to go into assisted living. He is 18 years old and oh so sweet. He's very chatty, likes his wet food and heating pad bed. He does sometimes pee where he is sleeping so we keep pee pads on his bed for easy clean up. He is easy to bath. He likes his litter box kept clean. He needs a home as an only kitty where he will be given a lot of tender loving care. At 18 Pishi may only have a few years or less left and we want that time to be the best of his life. If you can offer Pishi a loving home till the end please write No adoption fee.
Senior, Male, Large
 . Ginger .
 . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .
Ginger is looking for her happily ever after. She has a heart condition (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) which is mild. No medications needed at this time. She does need yearly check-ups (Echocardiograms) to monitor her heart. She is just as sweet as can be once she is comfortable and loves chin and cheek scratches. She also loves her feather toy and cat nip. Would do best with older children. She needs a calm, quiet home. Her adoption fee is $100. Any questions please email Applications can be made at Meet and greet required. She is 9 years old and was recently groomed so her hair is a little short right now. She is spayed and FVRCP Vaccinated.
Adult, Female, Medium
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